Luna Merbruja, #TransLifeAndLiberation


Luna Merbruja, #TransLifeAndLiberation

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Signed print of an original portrait created in collaboration with Luna Merbruja, as part of the Trans Life & Liberation Art Series. All sales benefit Luna.

12x12" print (9x9" image plus white border). Price includes shipping within the U.S.

“This is for the strange, crazy, needy, imaginative, restless weirdos. This is for the courageous ugly, the beautiful on the inside, the outcasts of the misfits, the runaways seeking home. This is for self-determination beyond identity, for conflicting decisions, for confusion and resolution.

This is for us.

Find home in your creaturehood. Create yourself as you imagine. Make independent choices that love you. Disregard what others expect of you. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone because your creaturehood is yours, and truly yours only.”

Luna Merbruja is a Mexican/Athabaskan shapeshifter engineering their creaturehood through experience, art, science, brujería, and destruction. As a human, they’re a book editor for biyuti publishing, author of Trauma Queen, and international performance artist.

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