Malcolm Shanks, #TransLifeAndLiberation

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Malcolm Shanks, #TransLifeAndLiberation

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Portrait of archivist and educator Malcolm Shanks by artist Edxie Betts, created as part of the Trans Life & Liberation Art Series. All sales benefit Edxie and Malcolm.

12x12" print (9x9" image plus white border). Price includes shipping within the U.S.

“Our ancestors faced similar institutions, movements, ruptures, and contradictions to us. We can learn from the ways they fought and freed themselves, and in this learning across time and space, we can shift and change them as well. Our roots are them, but their roots are also in us who remember them. As part of a fabric, we are firmly in relation to them and their times.“—Malcolm Shanks

Malcolm is deeply committed to creating knowledge based in and useful to organizing in social justice and anti-oppression movements. They are exploring and trying to deepen the connections between history, healing, and the veneration of trancestors in the African diaspora through popular education.

Edxie writes: "The political cultural work I do is vested in liberatory collectivity. As an anti-authoritarian trans GNC femme of color I achieve very little without the love and support of my friends in struggle, family, comrades, and, of course, combative political philosophy. The intentions set into these portraits are to highlight the lively brilliance/strengths of a people’s repressed societal feminity beneath interconnected systems of dominance, cultural production, werk, and those of us who dare to be despite these challenges.” 

Edxie is available for art commissions! Contact them at

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