This piece was created in December 2015, in collaboration with Sins Invalid and disability justice organizers & artists Patricia Berne, Leroy Moore, Natasha Lynné Simpson and Kiyaan Abadani.

Download a full-color high resolution 11x11" poster. 

(9x9" image with 1" white border.)

We ask that you make a donation to Mario Woods' family and/or to Sins Invalid if you download the art. Thank you!

Please contact me at micahbazant@gmail.com before using the art in any publication, film/video, etc.

On Dec. 2 2015, San Francisco police executed Mario Woods, a young Black disabled man, in the SF Bayview neighborhood. Over 50% of police killings in SF and nationally are of people with disabilities, especially Black and Brown people with psych impairments (often referred to as 'mentally ill'.)  

For more information about Disability Justice:

[Image description: Watercolor painting of a young Black man's face and shoulders, on a yellow background. He wears a black beanie and a black sweatshirt and has a goatee. He is gazing directly at the viewer. Large handwritten text above him says "Justice for Mario Woods". Handwritten text to his left says "Over 50% of people killed by police are disabled". Handwritten text to his right says "No comprehensive federal data is collected, but available reports show at least half of those killed by police have psych disabilities. These statistics do not include people with mobility, sensory, or developmental impairments or people who are otherwise neurodivergent or sick/chronically ill ". Handwritten text on his sweatshirt says "Disability Justice Now" and "#BlackDisabledLivesMatter". Art by Sins Invalid and Micah Bazant]

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