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As we celebrate Pride, lets dream bigger than acceptance into an empire of death! After Trump's trans military ban, the media was filled with patriotic images of trans military service. We understand the trans military ban as part of a larger strategy to build power by scapegoating trans people as dangerous threats and costly burdens. But the solution is not to endorse the military. The US military is the largest source of violence in the world, including vast environmental racism and endemic sexual assault. Veterans do not get the services they need from the VA. Recruiters lie about military benefits to recruit poor people & people of color. 22 veterans commit suicide every day.

This isn't a judgement or attack on any individuals in the military. No one should have to join the military to try and get medical care, a job or an education, or to escape abuse. We are uplifting our communities’ long history of opposing war & building solutions for real peace, security, and justice.

Gender + sexual liberation for everyone requires an end to war & US imperialism.

Image description: Painting of a raven with brightly multicolored feathers and claws destroying the RQ-11 “Raven” drone — the most widely used military drone. Green background with dandelions and dandelion seeds. Text above says: “Trans liberation not more US invasion”. Text below says “No pride in war”.

Thank you to Dean Spade, Dori Midnight, Lewis Wallace and many folks who helped this beauty emerge <3